An introduction to commercial grape growing for wine production

Viticulture Cover

Rated 'Very Highly Recommended' by the WSET

Viticulture is an introduction to the professional world of growing grapes for wine production and is aimed at the serious student in the wine trade, WSET Diploma student or Master of Wine candidate. It is also aimed at anybody considering owning or planting a vineyard who wants a basic primer to the subject. The book is all you need to know about grapegrowing in 168 pages. Over 10,000 copies sold worldwide.

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"Viticulture is particularly good on the practicalities of viticulture. Definitely useful for those with vines to plant and/or exams to take."
Jancis Robinson.

"The in-depth text ... covers the entire process of viticulture in great detail". "There's no doubt it will be a useful learning and reference tool."
Wine & Spirit Magazine

"Wonderful little book ... good book on the subject."
Bo Simons, Wayward Tendrils Magazine.

“Brilliant book about viticulture why is what, easy to understand and read. Essential for WSET Diploma studies. Greatly satisfied with the purchase.”
Sandor Hunyadi, via Amazon

“This packs about as much information as possible into a book this size, while still being readable. It is also required for the Diploma class for WSET, so if you are thinking about taking the class, check this out first.”
Philip Anderson, via Amazon


Chapter 1 - The grapevine
Chapter 2 - Vine varieties, clones, new varieties and vine production
Chapter 3 - Site selection
Chapter 4 - Grapegrowing regions of the world
Chapter 5 - Soils for vineyards
Chapter 6 - Vineyard establishment
Chapter 7 - Trellising, training and pruning
Chapter 8 - The annual cycle of the vine
Chapter 9 - Irrigation
Chapter 10 - Organic and Biodynamic viticulture
Chapter 11 - Diseases and viruses of grapevines, including trunk diseases
Chapter 12 - Pests of grapevines
Chapter 13 - Phylloxera and rootstocks
Chapter 14 - Nutritional disorders and other viticultural problems Bibliography

Master of Wine viticultural examination questions 1999-2019
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ISBN: 978-0-9514703-7-3
180 pages (168 of text)
Size: 189 mm x 246 mm
Colour cover, B&W text, photographs and illustrations


Print: £25
E-book: £9.99