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A guide to the varieties of grape vine, clones and rootstocks suitable for wine production in Great Britain and other cool climates.

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· Vine varieties - the legal situation
· Planting ban?
· Still or sparkling?
· Vine variety recommendations:

  Still and sparkling, red, white & rosé
  Varieties for marginal sites
  New varieties
· Clones for sparkling wine
· Rootstocks


The selection of a vine variety, a clone or a rootstock, whether for planting in the UK or any other part of the world, can only be taken with reference to three principal factors: the climate, which dictates the spectrum of varieties which can be grown; the quality of the site on which the vines are growing; and the type of wine to be produced. In cool climates, such as the UK's, which many would consider marginal for sustainable viticulture, the choice of varieties is limited to those which will ripen sufficiently to produce good quality wine and which will produce yields which are high enough to make the considerable investment in a vineyard worthwhile.

This guide to vine varieties, clones and rootstocks for UK vineyards and other cool climates has been written for those wishing to grow grapes for commercial wine production in the UK and other cooler regions. It contains recommendations for the production of white, red and rosé wines, still and sparkling wines, and sections on clones of Chardonnay, Meunier and Pinot noir for sparkling wines and on rootstocks for the UK. Although it will also be helpful for amateur winemakers and garden vine growers, it does not deal with table grapes or decorative vines.

Note: This book has the same content as Chapter 4 in Wine Growing in Great Britain.

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