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Stephen Skelton's guide to UK vineyards, first published in 1989, has now been completely updated and revised and was re-published on the 22nd March 2016.

This book is a directory of vineyards in Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Isles and contains chapters on the history of viticulture in the UK, the current situation, wine quality schemes, the UK's largest producers, and visiting vineyards. The majority of the book lists all the 600+ vineyards in the UK, Ireland and the Channel Isles. There is also a UK Wine Industry - Facts and Figures page, a list of all the organic and biodynamic vineyards, a list of wineries offering contract winemaking services and a breakdown of vineyards by region and county.

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• Introduction
• A short history of UK vineyards
• The revival of viticulture
• UK Wine Industry – Facts and Figures 2016
• Wine quality schemes in the UK
• Visiting vineyards
• Vineyards to visit
    UK's largest vineyards and producers
    Wineries offering contract winemaking services
    Organic and Biodynamic vineyards in the UK
• UK Vineyards – Vineyards by region and county
• A-Z of vineyards