EnglishWine.com is the website of Stephen Skelton MW, one of the leading viticultural consultants working in Great Britain today, and has been online since 2007. His knowledge and experience, gained since he started taking an interest in the subject in 1973, is unmatched in the industry. He undertakes all aspects of vineyard advice and development from initial business plans, via site selection and vineyard establishment, to helping run mature vineyards. He also supplies top-quality grafted vines and supplies planting and trellising services. Stephen has also researched and written extensively on viticulture in Britain and his books include: Wine Growing in Great Britain, The Wines of Great Britain and Vine Varieties for UK Vineyards. The harvest reports he has compiled every year since 2016 are the only source of yield and performance data for UK vineyards. EnglishWine.com is also the only source of reliable and up-to-date vineyard data covering vineyard locations and sizes.



Viticulture - 2nd Edition - An introduction to commercial grape growing for wine production

First published in 2007, Viticulture has now been completely revised and updated. It is the perfect primer for students of the subject and for those wishing to learn more about the growing of grapes for wine production.

The Knight Who Invented Champagne

The Knight Who Invented Champagne

The story of how developments in the British glass industry in the early part of the 17th century led to the production by Sir Kenelm Digby of strong glass bottles, the so-called verre Anglais.

Wine Growing in Great Britain

Wine Growing in Great Britain - 2nd Edition

An A to Z to growing vines in the UK. For anyone contemplating planting and establishing a vineyard in the UK, and for those already growing vines on a small scale who perhaps wish to expand their vineyards and improve their winegrowing skills, it will be invaluable. Also of interest to students of viticulture.

Wines of Great Britain

The Wines of Great Britain

Stephen Skelton’s latest book on his specialist subject. It contains the history of UK winegrowing, the current situation, suitable vine varieties and 21 producer profiles which together give the reader a unique insight into the business of English and Welsh wine production.

Vine Varieties, Clones & Rootstocks For UK Vineyards Cover

Vine Varieties, Clones & Rootstocks for UK Vineyards - 2nd Edition

A guide to the varieties of grape vine, clones and rootstocks suitable for wine production in Great Britain and other cool climates.

UK Vineyards Guide

UK Vineyards Guide 2016

A directory of over 600 vineyards in Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Published in March 2016.